Although I trained as a sculptor in Romania, coming to the US as a political refugee created some new issues for me: learning English, earning a living, assisting my family back home.

When I moved to New Orleans in December 2002, I returned to art making. Since then I’ve made large sculptures with clay, (later casting them in plaster or concrete), marble and wood. In September 2008 I attended a bronze-casting workshop at Louisiana Artworks and intend to return to the foundry to cast more pieces.

In 2006 I began to create illuminated sculptures of wood and paper. Some of these were sold in interior design shops, and some were commissioned for specific commercial and residential settings. My intention has always been to move away from the fine craft of making unusual light sculptures that could be considered "lamps" back to fine art, so my recent work in my shows at Coup d’oeil Fine Art Consortium and the Gallery at the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center is about a variety of classical themes, many inspired by my travel in Italy. My sculptures have recently incorporated the human figure. I am equally interested in pure abstraction, and have been creating abstract pieces which are solely about space, color, and light.

I am still using simple means to create these large illuminated pieces of rice paper and wood. I like the strength and delicacy that results from combining these two materials, yielding lightweight structures that are very strong, and the renewable properties of these materials have a lot of appeal. For the future, however, I am exploring more permanent materials so that my sculpture will be strong and durable, particularly for outdoor settings. I am also researching the use of solar panels as a light source for my outdoor sculptures, as a "green" alternative to electricity. Our society is just beginning to explore new ways of limiting our consumption of energy, and I believe that artists can lead the way by suggesting new approaches through their work.

• 1977-1980 Studied with Emil Vitroel, well-known Romanian sculptor at the Scoala Populara de Arta (School of Fine Arts) Arad, Romania.
• 2002-2006 Studied figure drawing at New Orleans Academy, UNO, private studio sessions with model.
• 2008 Bronze casting workshop, Louisiana Artworks.

• 1981-1982 Escaped from Communist Romania, and came to US as a political refugee.
• 1982-2002 Worked as a floral designer.
• 1996-2002 Owned and operated flower shop (Avon Flowers).
• 2002 Moved to New Orleans and began making art again, while working as a floral designer.
• 2005 Began to sculpt with clay, casting 5 large scale bas reliefs in plaster. Began to make wood sculptures.
• 2006 Began to make light sculptures.
• 2007 Work accepted at Perch Interior Design 2844 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115. Perch has exclusive representation of my work at interior design shops in New Orleans.
• 2008 March - Commissioned to create a 9’ x 7’ wall sculpture for a commercial interior in Lexington KY.
• 2008 May - Commissioned by Stephen Lineweaver for the film Mardi Gras to create a fourteen-foot tall light sculpture for a set.
• 2010 Created a large sculpture (a wood and metal mesh construction 8’ in diameter) for the Warner Brother’s film Green Lantern.

• 2003-2004 Work shown at Space Gallery, Magazine Street.
• 2008 Affiliated with Rhino Gallery for six months, New Orleans.
• 2008 October - One-person show, Perch Interior Design, Art for Arts’ Sake.
• 2009 February - Completed and installed a 16’ x 16’ light sculpture in the entrance of the Studio at Colton, based on Katrina shape - Now installed at Ecole Bilingue in New Orleans.
• 2009 July - Group show, Coup d’eoil Art Consortium, New Orleans.
• 2010 March - Two person show, Coup d’eoil Art Consortium, New Orleans.
• 20l0 June-August - One person show, Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center, Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

• 2008 Awarded studio space at Studio at Colton, an art space run by the Creative Alliance of New Orleans. Worked there from October 2008 - July 2009.
• 2009 Selected by New Orleans Museum of Art as one of 10 honorees for their "Love in the Garden" event showcasing artists who have made signigicant contributions to the visual arts in New Orleans.
• 2010 Honored by WYES TV, New Orleans, as one of four top artists in their annual art auction.
• 2010 Selected by Louisiana Artworks as a 2010-2011 Artist in Residence.